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PLGS Tournament Rules


Tournament Rules

The following Rules will apply to all PLGS Competitions

Golfers will play off the handicap assigned to them before tee off. Current PSC Handicaps will be used for members and non-members with IPGC membership only will play off their current CONGU Handicap. Golfers with other, unconfirmed, handicaps may play but not enter the Competition.
Golfers returning scores with any other handicap will be disqualified.
No adjustment is made for the Slope Index on the day.

Cards must be clearly marked in ink with only the golfer and his marker’s scores on the card. No other scores are acceptable. Cards must not include group scores. Cards must bear the golfer’s name and handicap. Cards must be signed by the player and the marker. Gross scores must be recorded in stableford competitions.
ALL CARDS MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE LEAVING THE CLUBHOUSE. Late returns may not be accepted by the recorder.

Prizes will include the top three in each flight. There will also be prizes for Near Pins (in flights 0 – 18, 19 and over) on the longest and shortest par threes. Non-winners will contest the best front/back nine scores for a prize. Other sponsored technicals may feature from time to time. Prizes will be distributed at the Presentation in the Links Bar after golf.

The PLGS committee feel that establishing these ground rules will lead to a better competition and will increase a golfer’s enjoyment of the day.


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