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Welcome to the PGS Clubhouse at The Links Bar



Location of the Links Bar, Soi Buakhao



The PGS clubhouse is the Links Bar in Soi Buakhao. It is situated about a kilometre south of the former base, the Elephant Bar, near the market area of the busy soi. It is easily accessible from Third Road (Sai Sam) and Pattaya Tai via Soi Buakhao itself. Within a short walk are bars, restaurants, FX outlets, shops, Pattaya's most popular market and hotels and apartments, as well as Pattaya's newest hospital.

Facilities include adequate car parking nearby, limited m/c parking outside, full bar/restaurant and guesthouse facilities with a extensive and excellent bar and restaurant menu. There is a large inside a/c area with a pleasant airy patio area outside. The bar offers security for golf clubs and a large display board for club information. The bar also serves as a guesthouse with eighteen rooms available for rent. Please contact the bar direct regarding bookings. It represents all that is needed to create a comfortable and friendly clubhouse atmosphere.


Golf Storage Facilities

Pattaya Golf Society Golf-locker Policy

With effect from March 2015, the PGS will offer members golf-locker facilities. These new lockers are designed to house one golf bag, plus a storage area immediately above the golf bag measuring 40x40x40 cms. All lockers will be situated on the ground floor of the Links Bar. Padlocks will be issued along with each locker, with keys being held by the golf bag owner and the PGS. Initially there will be 28 lockers. It is intended to build more following the refurbishment of the bar, scheduled to commence mid-March.
Lockers will be allocated on the following basis:

Members whose names appeared on the Elephant Bar’s Locker User List, and who are able to confirm their intention to rent a new locker by 15 March 2015.
Members who are able to confirm their wish to rent a locker by 15 March 2015.

In the event that requests exceed supply, priority will be determined thus:

Length of stay/number of rounds played per year. A golfer playing regularly and staying for months at a time will get priority over a golfer staying for a few weeks.
Frequency of visits. Some members, whilst only staying for a few weeks at a time, do so many times during the year.
Frequency of play. Members playing with the PGS multiple times per week will receive greater consideration than members playing occasionally.
Seniority. Everything else being equal, priority will be given to those who have been with the PGS longer.

Golfers whose gear was removed from the Elephant Bar and who have yet to contact us since our move to the Links, will have their gear removed and stored off site.

Those wishing to confirm their intention/wish to rent a golf-locker should inform Len Jones or David Thomas by 15 March 2015.



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