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January 2019

Akira’s Green Jacket at First Start

Thirty-one players loaded on to buses and cars on a cool, breezy morning headed for Mt. Shadow golf course for the second time in about three weeks. The report from the earlier trip showed some disappointments at the condition of the course and of the clubhouse. Nothing has changed, unfortunately.

The fairways are drying out now, as many courses are, but the watering practices seem to be haphazard at times, so many dry patches are starting to appear. The greens are varied with some quicker and truer than others, leaving one guessing what surprises the next one holds. Watch out for the downhills, says Mitchell.

Overall, perhaps good to average marks for the course, but below that for the clubhouse. The problem with no water to flush toilets seems to be ongoing and the whole place is overdue for a lick of paint.

Akira Sekiya came to play with us today for the first time and certainly left an impression. His 37 points easily won “A” flight and his first Green Jacket. The dynamic duo of Phil Davies and Maurice Roberts followed with 34 and 32 points respectively, while fourth place went to one half of the Links Matchplay champs, Michael Wright, with 30 points.

Apart from the first four, most players struggled as the best that “B” flight could muster was 29 points from Colin Service, while Derek Phillips got back into the placings, albeit with 28 points, and Mike Tottenham filled third spot. The “best nines” followed the trend with very low points scores, but good enough.

Near Pins: Mitchell Carlon (5), John Doyle (8), Phil Davies (15), Pete Seil (17)
Mitchell Carlon had neither the lowest nine-hole score or the lowest overall score, but Phil decided to award the “silly hat” to him for having a near pin on hole 5, and then three putting. This from a 10 handicapper. The downhill putt! There’s hope for the rest of us yet.

Iain Craigen is still learning the game and this course was no help in his progression, he wore the “wig” again.

We really hope Mt. Shadow can come up with some improvements, but for some, it’s already too late.

(Thanks to John Anderson)

Double for Akira

The Pattaya Golf Society visited Emerald on Friday, 4th January to play a stableford competition on the course which was in better condition than on the previous visit. Fairways had a better covering of grass, the rough was cut back and greens were very "sporting" with pins placed on or near the many slopes and putts running at a good pace.

Thirty-nine golfers made up the field which was divided into two flights at fifteen and under and generally scores were low as the course is always a tough call.

In the second flight Mike Tottenham made fourth place with 32 points, one behind Niall Caven on 33. In second was Irish golfer Donal McGuigan with 35 points whilst Richard Dobson was delighted to take the win on his return round with 36 points.

In the top flight Stan Stewart continued his fine form with 35 points, edging out Colin Smith on countback for fourth place, a couple behind Maurice Roberts whose consistency gave him yet another pink envelope. American golfer John Collias finally came good with 39 points for second place whilst Wednesday's winner Akira Sekiya took his second consecutive green jacket with 41 points. He also had the honour of recording the seventeenth PLGS official competition hoile-in-one, on the testing fifth hole. Having played two tough courses for the first time this week the former professional caddy certainly has been impressive with two green jackets and a couple of near pins.

Near pins went to Akira Sekiya (5, 13), John Harrison (7) and Michael Wright (15).

Thai lady golfer Panda Aree won the consolation best front nine award for her twenty point score and was joined by John Doyle with 19 points on the back nine. Bill Copeland returned from the US with a poor front nine score guaranteeing him the "silly hat" award whilst the dreaded wig went to Craig Mitcham on his less than impressive return round.

The PLGS has many popular Japanese friends and golfers and all show the noble traditional Japanese traits of respect, tradition and custom. It was therefore disappointing to see the hole-in-one winner today decline the time honoured golfing celebration of such a feat, thereby denying the golfers the opportunity to share their congratulations, as is customary throughout the golfing world. It's a funny old game indeed.

(Thanks to Len Jones)

Phillip Ashton Piles on 42 Points

Golf mornings at Links Bar have taken on a new exciting start to the day’s proceedings. To start with it was “ho hum”, but now the draw for each group’s place in the field is attracting plenty of interest. As each number comes out there is excitement and disappointment, if your group has been drawn well, or not.

Draw done, everyone fed and watered and forty-four hopefuls headed off to Bangpakong Riverside for the day in search of that big score.

We never tire of hearing about how good this course is, as it is almost always presented in immaculate condition with wide, nicely mown fairways, rough not too harsh and first-class greens running with good speed.  Today was no exception with the possibility of some big stableford point scoring. And that’s what we got, with three outstanding 40+ hauls.

Because of the big number of players, we were divided into three flights.

Phillip Ashton got into town about a week ago and got right into his game by taking out the “A” flight and the Green Jacket with the best score of the day, a big 42 points. Pete Seil is a class golfer and never far from the podium and his 39 points is a very good score from his handicap of 5. Maurice Roberts is showing some solid form of late and took the countback for third from Colm Lawlor, both on 38 points.

“B” flight was set up for a countback as Ralph McConnell and Wayne Peppernell both had great games amassing 41 points each. That result got Ralph first place by way of a better back nine. Then a gap to third placed Dane O’Brien with 36 points and Tony Browne winning a countback for fourth on 34 points

The “C” flight at last found world traveller, Walter Baechli, return to the form we know he is capable of to take first place on 35 points ahead of Larry Slattery on 34 points. Then the final countback of the round saw Pierre Zbinden take third from Kenny Jepson, both on 33 points,

Near pins: Carl Luke (4), Dane O’Brien (7), Tip Briney (13) and Brendon McGoven (16).
Best Front Nine (non-winners) …………Mitchell Carlon……18pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) …………. Dave Arataki………21 pts

Fun and excitement in the mornings, but just plain fun for Phil’s presentations as he tells stories, in his unique way, of car drivers “knowing” the way and then becoming lost, people leaving bags and phones at the bar, retrieving them, only to get to the course and realise the wallet is left in the hotel room. All deserving of the “silly hat”.
In the end, that went for its original purpose, the worst nine-hole score. Phil thought a green hat looks good on the Irish, so here comes Chris Walsh.
Newcomer John Pearce had a lot to do with all the lost things but avoided the “hat”. However, he also had one of the lowest scores, so it was the “wig” for him.
A later than usual finish but a good time and lots of laughs had by all.

(Thanks to John Anderson)

Captain Wayne Shows the Way

After an unusually high number of no shows and cancellations we took a field of 38 players to Pattavia Century Golf Club. Although there was another Society ahead of us, our first group got away pretty much on time. Those playing today are an organiser’s dream, everyone getting to the tee at their allotted time and ready to go.

The day started off quite warm and stayed that way.  A bit harder to take after we were spoilt a couple weeks ago with some cooler temperatures.

There really is no need to mention the condition of this course, but I will.
First class fairways easy to hit from, and greens running quick at about 10.3 and true. I think the rough was not too bad, I didn’t look, and the bunkers are not the white soft sand as other courses, but more compacted. With an efficient check-in and a just 1050 baht to walk, what a nice day out. We did two flights today with 5 places in each.

“A” flight saw Phillip Ashton score his second “40 pointer’ in a week, just before he heads off home. We don’t see many plus handicappers playing in our Societies, but we had Brendon McGovern here for a return visit and did he show what a +2 handicapper can do?  His 67 “off the stick” was a terrific round of golf. Dave Arataki said later “he plays a different game to us”. That great round equated to 39 points and “only” second placing. Then came the very in-form Maurice Roberts with 37 points, followed by Bill Copeland on 34 points and Mitchell Carlon with 33 points.

“B” flight saw our current Captain, Wayne Peppernell, follow up his 41 points two days ago with yet another 41 points here. He was beaten to the Green Jacket then, but this time it was all his. Marco Beer had a welcome return to form with an above average score of 39 points for second place. The next three placings all had 36 points and had to go to countback. This resulted in Peter Mace for third, welcome back John Hughes, for fourth and Colin Service, who missed the putt on the last hole by a whisker, in fifth.

Near pins: John Doyle (4), Gabriel Enright (7), John Hughes (13), Steve Truelove (17)

Phil conducted presentations with the usual hilarity, awarding the “silly hat “ to John Pearce, who forgot his age and thought he could walk. The “wig” went to newcomer Robin Taylor, who hired a set of clubs from Links. Phil put the set together and handed them over. Right handed Robin had a surprise on the first tee to pull the driver out, only to find it was a left-hand club. No excuse for a low score, according to Phil.

(Thanks to John Anderson)

Rare Green Jacket for Stu Thompson

High season can be tough on golfers and the Pattaya Links Golf Society suffered interminable delays during their round at Pleasant Valley on Friday, 11th January as the long-booked tee off was delayed by thirty minutes and the 25 golfers ended up following an Asian group which contained a golfer who consistently drove no more than 75 yards, and rarely straight! And we were told that the revised Rules were put in place to speed up play at our level. Most of the seven groups playing endured a five-hour plus round in very humid conditions.

The course was fair with some damp fairways and greens which ran slower than most. However, generally it was worth the discounted deal which the group enjoyed.

The field was divided into two flights with the cut coming at eighteen and scores in both were a fair reflection of the day. In the second flight third place went to Len Jones with 31 points. Note to self: "Don't switch off after four and a half hours, a day like this lasts longer!" Second place went to Derek Phillips with 33 points and Stuart Kidd took the win with 34 points.

The top flight saw Wayne Peppernell going for a third big score this week and he did not disappoint with 39 points, but he lost top spot to compatriot Stu Thompson whose back nine was better. Stu thereby took a long awaited and very rare Green Jacket. Well done mate! Third place in the flight went to the consistent Cardiff golfer Colin Smith with another level par score.

Near pins went to Derek Phillips (8 & 13), Stu Thompson (5) and Kenny Jepson (17). The best nine awards were won by Willie Brown (best front 19 points) and John Harrison (best back 20 points). Mr Phil concluded the presentation with Marco Beer being highlighted for losing two countbacks, one for the best front nine and the other for the "silly hat" where Dave Arataki nudged him out for the ignominious honour. The wig award for the poorest score of the day went to American golfer Michael Kaps, playing his first round in Thailand. We've all been there, done that, and have filled our wardrobes with tee shirts,,,and wigs!

A long day ended thus at the Links with everyone in the usual fine humour and the delays of earlier were almost forgotten after a few cold beers.

A Double Helping of Stu

The PLGS's week began with a field of forty golfers attempting to get the better of Burapha C and D nines. Though not the most popular combination of nines at the course the fairways were well grassed, bunkers were well tended and the greens were also fair and with some pace.

The large field was divided into two flights cut at seventeen and under. In the top flight Andy Kelleher marked his return to the group with a fifth place finish on 34 points, losing out to Alan THomas in fourth on countback. Marco Beer celebrated his final round this trip with 35 points and third place whilst Colm Lawlor finished runner-up with level par 36 points. After a few lacklustre rounds Mr Phil came back with a bounce and took the win with 37 points.

The second flight was no less exciting with countback separating Darren Beavers and Derek Phillips for fourth and fifth place with 33 points each. Phil Scotton, new to the group, presented his credentials with 34 points to take third. Keith Melbourne acquitted himself well with a second placed finish on 35 points but the winner, with the best score of the day was Stu Thompson with an outstanding 38 points for his second successive Green Jacket. It was the group's second "helping" of Stu in four days and his game certainly has the all the ingredients for success.

The technical prizes were well shared out with near pins going to Dave Cooper (C5), Richard Dobson (C8), Pete Seil (D2) and Alan Thomas (D8). The longest successful putt on the final hole went to Michael Kaps, showing an immediate improvement on his previous round "wig" and the best front nine score was that of Kevin LaBar with 20 points. The award for the best back nine went to Steve Eddowes with 18 points. PLGS newbie, Malcolm Cox, took the silly hat award for his meagre back nine of seven points and the wig was presented to Barry Oats whose shoulder problems restricted his scoring opportunities.

At the end of the day forty golfers had all enjoyed a good day out at Burapha and savoured the fine hospitality of the Links kitchen and hard working bar staff. Well done all.

Kenny and Will Win A Tough Day

On this day Treasure Hill was the big winner with none of our forty golfers able to play to their handicap. Why? The course was in great condition once again, with well grassed and mown fairways and bunkers and rough to test those who deviate from straight. The greens had been lightly sanded but did not affect the roll. The main topic here was some of the pin placements which made life a little more difficult.

A couple of “dark horses” were the successful ones on the day. The “A” flight (0-18) saw William Brown taking the win at long odds with an impressive 35 points. Next came consistent Colin Service, who is usually somewhere near the top and 34 points kept him up there. Ray Banks was in the placings again by taking third spot on a countback over Garry Bright, both had 33 points, while Ralph McConnell rounded out the podium with 32 points for fifth.

Kenny Jepson had won a Green Jacket recently and was always an outside chance and, on a tough day at a tough course, he came through with the win for “B” flight (19+).  His 35 points got him another Green Jacket. Derek Phillips had one of his better games to take second place with 32 points, beating Darren Beavers on countback.  Our only lady golfer today, Avril Wildsmith took fourth place on her first outing with Links, scoring 31 points, leaving returnee Soren Hansen to fill fifth place on a countback.

Near pins: Garry Bright (2), Steve Eddowes (6), Kenny Jepson (13), Tom Herrington (17)

Best Front Nine (non-winners) ……Colin Smith ….18 pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) ……. Tony Browne…17 pts

No hold ups on the course had everyone finished and back at Links surprisingly early compared to more recent games. There were plenty of low scores on the day and the player with the lowest of them managed to do the disappearing act, so Phil decided there will be no “wig” today.
One Player committed the sin of no name or handicap on his card. Maurice did some detective work to find out who this was.  It was Soren Hansen, who didn’t come back for the presentations but, as he came to collect his motor bike, he was spotted and called in to wear the “silly hat”.  He had a look of amazement, not realizing what he had done (or not done).
Even with the frustratingly low scores, all had another great day out at Treasure Hill.

Wayne Wins a Three-Way Countback

We already knew that Greenwood Golf Course was going to be busy for this day, with at least 3 PSC Bars all with a 10.00 am tee time, followed by various other groups. First to the starters and managers, well done to you. All three nines were used, with Links golfers starting on the “C” nine, to be followed by the “A” nine. We then proceeded to have a clear run for the entire round.

The weather for the start and most of the game was just perfect for golf, with the sun behind cloud and a pleasant breeze, making very comfortable conditions.

The course is looking a treat right now with the plenty of water to keep the fairways green. Some areas, perhaps, had a little too much water and were soft, with the ball picking up some mud, but had good run. The normally quick greens, at this time of year, tended to be just a tad slower, maybe they are due for a mowing. Great conditions gave us the good scores we might have expected and gave us a thrilling three-way tie in the “A” flight.

Wayne Peppernell has been in excellent form this last couple of weeks and with the more powerful finish held out in a tight countback situation.
All three players had fine scores of 39 points, so Ralph McConnell then won his countback against an unlucky Mike Kaps who had his final game this trip.
Top efforts from all three. Right behind them were two newcomers to Links, with 38 points each. Zac Carson won the countback from Jason Kerr. Crowded up there.

“B” flight was a little more cut and dried with returning Greg Thompson
scoring first up with 36 points. John Hughes was right on his tail scoring 35 points.
Then came another countback as Keith Melbourne nudged out his mate, Len Jones, just. Both did well for 32 points, and Tip Briney rounded out the podium with 31.
Near pins: Ralph McConnell (C3), Mike Kaps (C6), Tony Kerry (A2), Jason Kerr (A6).

Thirty-nine players today and plenty of winners. There are two prizes we try to avoid, but somebody has to “win” In the absence of any silly things happening, Steven Eddowes wore the “silly hat” for the lowest points on either nine. Peter Mace just had the lowest score and wore the “wig”.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Another week dawned with another field of forty golfers as the Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Royal Lakeside to play a stableford competition on a course in excellent condition, under a cloudless sky. What could be a better start to a week?

The field was divided into two flights cut at eighteen and under and play got underway a little later than planned on a full course. However no one was inconvenienced as progress was good and the golf enjoyable.

In the top flight scores were excellent with Tony Browne holding fifth place with 37 place, losing fourth on countback to Jon Batty, making a welcome return. Low marker Paul Smith recorded a level par round "off the sticks", giving him 39 points for third, leaving Garry Bright and Dave Edwards to contest the win with forty points and a countback. Dave was successful and won the flight.

In the second division Jim Ferris managed to get the wheels back on his wagon after a few rounds of stuttering progress, emerging with 34 points in fifth place. One point better was Links regular Tip Briney, another golfer who found some form again today. Tip was involved in a three-way countback for second on 35 points but was more than content with fourth behind Derek Phillips in third and Phil Burton in second. The flight winner was Irish golfer Larry Slattery whose forty points took the flight by a comfortable margin and he also won the countback for the green jacket. For an Irishman there is nothing more satisfying than "the wearing of the green".

Near pins went to Mark Cooper (3), Kenny Jepson (6), Sharon Burton (12) and Petur Petursen (16). The honour of the best front nine went to Bill Copeland with 23 points whilst the best back nine sore was recorded by Rana Gurnam (19 points).

The consolation prizes went to Simon Watts whose nine points on the back nine more than warranted the "silly hat" whilst the hero of recent weeks, Capt Wayne Peppernell, underwent a fitting for a rare wig when he lost (won?) a three-way countback for the dubious honour. Yes Wayne, "all things come..." etc, etc.

Tom A Runaway Winner at Big Navy

Today a smaller than usual field to tackle the Plutaluang Royal Thai Navy Course.
There are four nines here and no matter which combination we are allotted, there is plenty of variety and challenges. The weather was warm, and the East and South courses were in very good condition, all ready for our 27 golfers to take them on. Somewhat surprisingly, even though there has been no rain around, there was little run on the fairways, maybe the sprinklers again.

The main talking point was the thick bladed grass in front of the greens, where the ball became imbedded at times. However, once on the green it was found to be a very good putting surface, attested to by Tom Herrington who, according to his group, made it look easy.

If you can putt well you are likely to wear the Green Jacket, as Tom did today.
He very comfortably won “A” flight (0-18) with a great 39 points, well clear of Steve Doris on 35 points and Maurice Roberts filling third spot with a nice 34 points.

Mike Tottenham doesn’t get to play a lot, but when he does, he usually seems to be in the results somewhere. He has also had a clear win to take out “B” flight (19+) with 36 points, three ahead of John Chelo and Iain Jones who both scored 33 points. John’s better back nine got him second place. Some sad news is that Capt. Wayne Peppernell had to retire hurt after injuring his wrist. Hoping he gets back quickly.

Near Pins: David Decaminda, Tip Briney, Paul Gill, Phil Davies

At this course, the caddies sometimes get a bad rap, either there isn’t enough of them or they are not trained well. Speaking to one of the groups over drinks, they were all very happy with their, smiling, friendly caddies today.  Some good news there.
The “silly hat” for the worst nine-hole score went to Paul Gill for his 7 points on the Eastn course.

The ‘wig’ for the worst score of the day went to Stuart Kidd.

Plutaluang is not everyone’s favourite, but with the course in very good condition and at a reasonable price, worth a try. We are booked in for February so check the Links website or the noticeboard in Links bar.

(Thanks to John Anderson)

A Day of Silly Hats

When we received the news late afternoon before the game that the course we “thought” we were booked at told us we had no booking, it started a day where there was just not going to be enough “silly hats” to go around.
 The Management at Khao Kheow were helpful and checked to find that we were booked at Pattavia this day, and Pattavia confirmed that. No idea who to blame, so we won’t.

After a couple of no-shows, we arrived at the Golf Course with forty-six players who had taken the change of venue in their stride, thanks to all. Our eleven groups started pretty much on time and, as you might expect with a large number, the pace of play was a little slower, but our group, number six, finished the round in about four and a half hours, not too bad. The round started in nice breezy, comfortable conditions, but that changed to hot and humid later in the day.

This course maintains it’s excellent standard and, although the surrounds are drying out, the fairways are kept green and mown and are in top condition.
The tee boxes are looking untidy, but it is obvious there are upgrades happening there. The greens are what we usually expect here, fast, true and tricky. Three putts are considered the norm.

Three flights today at 0-14, 15-21, 22 plus and a long putt prize in addition to the normal near pins.

No huge scores with only three players able to play to handicap or better.
“A” flight saw a count back for first with still in-form Maurice Roberts holding out Rana Gurnam at the 36 points mark. In third came Oscar Gabella with 33 points ahead of Andy Kelleher on 30 points.
Jeff Carrow produced the best score of the day with 38 points to easily take first spot in “B” flight. John Hughes was in the placings again on 35 points ahead of Larry Slattery on 34 points, while Phil Burton won a countback for fourth position on 33 points.

Only 34 points but it was good enough to give Kenny Jepson another win in the “C” flight. Greg Thompson had 32 points just ahead of Gordon Laviolette on 31. Tip Briney won a countback for fourth with 26 points.
Near pins: Masa Takano, Paul Smith, Michael Blumhagen, Simon Eely
Best Front Nine (non-winners) …Colin Smith….15pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) …. Paul Gill .........18 pts.

Our bus driver handed me a pair of shoes someone had left in the bus, a phone call back to the club asking to look in number 4 locker for the new hat just purchased, but lost already. The player who had to be moved to a late group as he was nowhere to be found when due to tee off.
And no-one in an early group thought to collect cards and hand them back down the line. So, we had half at Pattavia and the other half back at Links bar. All qualifiers for the “silly hat”

Maurice Roberts wore the Green Jacket; Ian Collier wore the “wig” and Phil put the “silly hat” on himself after he had refusals from the one he targeted.

A very “silly” day.

Kidd's Play at Burapha

Burapha was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Monday,28th January and, more especially, the delightful A/B combination was the assigned course. After dropouts and "no shows" a field of thirty-two golfers were ready for the day with two flights divided at eighteen and under.

As usual the course was in excellent order and greens were true and running at a fast medium pace. Cooler conditions at the start made for a comfortable day with some good scoring on show.

In the top flight Colm Lawlor and Rana Gurnam both scored 39 points with countback relegating Colm to third place, Rana taking another high placed finish. The flight winner was Andy Kelleher, who defied his own prospects - "I can never win" - with a fine 40 point finish giving him his first win this trip.

The second flight saw John Hughes take third with 33 points whilst Dane Soren Hansen took second with 35 points after a frenetic start. More later... The flight winner was Stuart Kidd and his 41 points gave him a runaway victory and the green jacket.

Near pins went to Stuart Kidd (A3), Tommy Marshall (A6), Paul Smith (B3) and Paul Durkan with more than a little luck on B8 where his tee shot rolled against the existing near pin marker and just crept inside it.

Consolation prizes went to Phil Davies for his 21 points on the front nine while Tony Browne posted 20 points on the back nine for some small success. Barry Oats hade suffered a sleepless night before his round and his continuing shoulder problems were not eased by the winning of the wig. Soren Hansen had placed his ball on the first tee to lead the group off when his caddy informed him he had not paid his green fee. Chaos followed as he rushed, embarrassed, back to the check-in, leaving Maurice to re-jig the playing order on the tee. In fairness one can understand Soren's oversight because the layout of the clubhouse means check-in comes after the locker-room "action". However, the silly hat was thus decided before a ball had been struck.

The day will be remembered for Andy Kelleher's and Stuart Kidd's efforts however, long after Soren's blushes have evaporated.


Melbourne & Brown, Just for the Record

The Pattaya Golf Society ended its January schedule with a visit to local Pattaya CC on Wednesday 30th to play a stableford competition on the course which continues to be more than presentable with firm fairways giving lots of run and greens which were a little tricky with deceptive pace.

Thirty three golfers took to the first tee and oblivious to the fact, when Willie Brown teed off he started the groups five hundredth competition round this month, a monthly record for the group. Completely unfazed he went to to perform well.

The field was divided into two flights at eighteen and under and in the top flight Masa Takano again seemed to be the "bridesmaid" with his second best gross of the day giving him 33 points for third place. Ahead was the daunting figure of the consistent Maurice Roberts on 37 points in second. The flight winner was the aforementioned Willie Brown with 39 very solid points.

In the second flight scores were again very competitive with Soren Hansen taking third place with 38 points, losing second on countback to a resurgent Tip Briney. The flight winner and recipient of his maiden green jacket was Keith Melbourne with a personal best score of 43 points on a day when he trusted his caddy to give him the right advice and kept his nerve throughout,except on a very watery seventeenth hole. Again it was a case of a non fancied golfer, leading from the front, and, boy did he enjoy his moment!

The near pins went to Bill Copeland (two), Phil Davies and Torben Lindgaard whilst the best front nine score was recorded by Derek Phillips (23 points) and the best back nine score went to Larry Slattery on countback with 18 points.

Competition was tight for the dreaded wig with countback deciding it would be worn by Darren Beavers, thus leaving Paul Stewart to take the "silly hat" for the poorest nine hole score.

I think it's fair to say that all the groups golfers had enjoyed the month and thanks are due to the cool "professionalism" of the organisers, making large fields as manageable as possible so all enjoyed the LInks golf experience.


Tony Browne Scores 40

Chris Barker the first to wear the Jacket, Silly Hat and Wig All at Once.

After just one week it was back to Pattavia for another try at taming those greens. However, the Greenkeeper had done the job for us as some maintenance had slowed things down. This caused some confusion as we were still too scared on the downhills, unnecessarily as it turned out. Weather was pleasant as the first three-ball of our 11 groups teed off behind a large group from another Society. It looked like a slow day ahead, and it was. We did get away on time with the help of the Marshal who is very good here.

In the “A” flight (0-17) it was a three-way countback on 34 points to sort the placings which resulted in Stu Thompson taking the top spot ahead of Chris Barker and Tommy Marshall in third. Then another countback on 33 points saw Masa Takano sneak in ahead of Ray Banks.

It was cut and dried for the first three places in “B” flight (18+) with Tony Browne having an easy victory, scoring a great 40 points on a difficult day. He must have been on the simulator again. Bart Bingham took second with 38 points and Torben Lindgaard third on 36 points. One more countback to settle fourth place where Greg Thompson got the nod over Ian Collier, both with 35 points.

Near Pins: Bill Shepley (4), Russell Exley (7), Maurice Roberts (13), Bill Copeland (17). Best Front Nine (non-winners) - Jim Ferris…….18 pts,
Best Back Nine (non-winners) - Richard Dobson ...22 pts.

Stu Thompson almost wore the “silly hat” due to a ricocheting ball hitting a tree and a caddie, but not enough. The player with the worst score didn’t make it back to the bar, nor did Tony Browne to get the Green Jacket.

Chris Barker came back on the first bus and sat quietly for more than an hour.
All the places sorted, envelopes written and then Maurice and Len discovered one card missing. When identified, he handed over the card and it turned out Chris had a winning score. So, because all the prizes in “A” flight had to be re done, THAT deserved the “silly hat”. With neither Tony or the “wig” winner present, Phil decided Chris could wear the lot. First time ever that’s happened.

Beavers Enjoys the Riverside

The Pattaya Links Golf Society turned out in style at Bangpakong Riverside on Monday, 4th February, when ten groups took on the challenge of the glorious course in a stableford competition. The conditions were excellent and a humid day did nothing to detract from the pleasure of playing the flat riverside course.

The field was divided into two flights at eighteen and under and scores were predictably good. In the top flight Takeshi Hakozaki playing his first round with the group this year took fifth place with 35 points, losing on countback to Maurice Roberts, and a point behind third placed golfer Tommy Marshall. In second pace was Huw Phillips with 37 points but the flight was won by Paul Smith whose gross 73 gave him 39 points.

The second flight golfers found the test a little tougher, with one exception. Fifth place went to Phil Burton with 33 points, again losing on countback to Bart Bingham. Third place belonged to Walter Baechli with 34 points and senior golfer Barry Oats made amends for his previous round with a fine 36 point return. The winner by a country mile was Darren Beavers with a splendid 43 points. After weeks of anguish and self doubt with his game everything came good again today and last weeks wig became this week's green jacket. Beavers' beaming smile could not have been broader.

Near pins went to Petur Petursen (4), Pete Seil (7), Lachlan Gotz (13) and Barry Oats (16) with the best front nine being posted by Colm Lawlor (18 points) and the best back nine award going to Soren Hansen with 19 points.

Jim Ferris' abysmal start ensured him of the "silly hat" award and Richard Dobson's irretrievable struggles on the front nine also rewarded him with the wig.

What else can be said? Another quality golf day with the Links.

Jacket for Jones, Ties Optional

Treasure Hill, always a tough test and yet one of the most popular venues on the PLGS schedule. The group visited there on Wednesday 6th February to challenge for a stableford event in two flights, cut at eighteen and under. The course was in excellent condition as always and, with forty golfers in the field, an earlier start than booked was offered and the group got away safely.

Traditionally the course is low scoring and today was no exception in humid conditions with only a slight breeze to cool the golfers. This always makes for a close competition and there were no less than sven ties for the minor positions, all requiring countbacks to resolve the results. In the top flight Ray Banks came fifth with 31 points, behind Maurice Roberts, Tony Browne and runner-up Steve Truelove, all with the same score. The flight winner was popular Japanese golfer Masa Takano with 33 points.

In the second flight Gordon Laviolette lost countbacks for third and fourth,ending up fifth on 33, behind Darren Beavers and the returning Paul Chesney. Second place went to Mike Tottenham with 34 points. The flight winner and recipient of the green jacket was Len Jones with the day's best of 35 points.

Near pins went to Derek Phillips (6), Jack ? (13) and Phil Davies (17) with no-one sullying the green on the long second. The best front nine was recorded by David De Caminada (15 points) and Frank Hughes recorded 17 points on the back nine for the other consolation prize. Malcolm Garrety chose the day to make his debut at Treasure Hill and suffered the inevitable with the wearing of the wig whilst Phil Mitchell made his long awaited return with the silly hat awarded for the poorest nine hole score.

It had been a typical Treasure Hill day at the Links, tough but nonetheless enjoyable.

If It's Friday It Must Be Browne

The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Pleasant Valley on Friday, 8th February to play a stableford competition on the course which was in reasonable condition but with greens which were variable in pace on the back nine. Little wind was evident and conditions were sultry and humid as the field of forty-two golfers teed off on time. The field was buoyed by a dozen "new" golfers, all keen to enjoy a day's golf with the popular group and they were not to be disappointed. The field was divided into two flights at eighteen and under.

Scores were close in both flights and the second division saw US golfer Tip Briney post 32 points for fifth place, a couple behind Thai lady golfer Panda Aree in fourth with 34. A level par round by senior golfer Alan Walker nudged him into third place, one behind Wednesday's winner Len Jones on 37 points. The flight was won by Stuart Kidd with 38 points.

The top flight was just as tight with Russell Exley taking fifth place with 37 points, on countback from Phil Davies. Three golfers vied for the other minor places with 38 [points, countbacks placing Ray Banks in fourth place behind Tommy Marshall and Masa Takano. Poor Masa, "bridesmaid" again! The flight winner and green jacket recipient was Friday Man Tony Browne who followed his previous week's forty points at Pattavia with another forty points haul this week.

Near pins went to Chris Barker (5), Tommy Marshall (8), Ray Banks (13) and Masa Takano (17) whilst the best front nine was reserved for Phil Davies' 22 points, David De Caminada holding the best back nine award with 27 points, after countback.

The silly hat was awarded to Maurice Roberts after demonstrating that smoking can be dangerous whilst the dreaded wig went to its first female winner Hilary Stoker after a poor showing on the tough track.

Pleasant Valley had seen the PLGS week close with good scores and fine comradeship.

Maurice’s Great Big 42 Points

An unusual, for this time of year, grey cloud hung over Pattaya and our golfers were thinking ‘rain’ as they ate breakfast at Links Bar. This cloud and the idea of rain passed quickly and it was into buses and cars for the short trip to Burapha Golf Course for the later start time of 11.30 am.

Organisation was good and our nine groups got away on time, under fine, but warm conditions and had a nice clear run to all finish the round in good time. The course was in its usual first-class order and all comments I received were usually of one word, excellent.

Playing off his 12 handicap, Maurice left the field in his wake to romp in with an impressive 42 points to win “A” flight and the Green Jacket. Watch out, he is starting another of those runs. The first four place getters in “A” flight all had scores of note. Alan Thomas scored 39 points (76 gross) for second and Tommy Marshall 38 points (77 gross) to take third place. David Decaminda finally showed his 9 handicap on his last game this trip scoring 37 points for fourth.

The “B” flight saw a tight finish for the first three places, with a three-way tie on 35 points. Some countbacks were needed resulting in Gordon Laviolette, finally breaking into the winner’s circle, getting the nod over consistent Stuart Thompson and newcomer to Links, Joseph Buchberger, taking third spot. Then Stuart Kidd held out in another countback for fourth on 34 points.

There were four near pin markers out and all were won:  Chris Barker (A3), Stuart Kidd (A6), Paul Durkan (B3), Bill Shepley (B8). Best Front Nine (non-winners) – Colm Lawlor – 19 pts c/back. Best Back Nine (non-winners) – Wayne Peppernell – 21 pts

It seems our most regular wearer of the “silly hat” is none other than Phil. He often finds a silly reason to wear it, but this time it was for the original purpose of the worst score on one of the nines.
The first, and to date, the only lady to wear the “wig” was seen shuffling toward the front as Phil was teasing. But she missed out on a second chance as the “wig” found its way on to the head of Seamus Byrne for the lowest score overall.

Steinmann Star Man

The Pattaya Links Golf Society called in on Greenwood on Wednesday, 13th February to play a stableford competition with the forty-one strong field divided into two flights at 17 and under. As always the course was in excellent condition with deliciously consistent greens. The only downside was that the course was damp after the usual early morning irrigation and so it was decided to play the A and C nines from the yellow tees with the preferred lies option on the fairways. This made for a very tight contest in both flights and certainly helped the shorter hitting golfers enjoy the day more on a course which boasts some long par threes and fours.

In the second flight minor places were decided by countback with Stuart Kidd taking fifth place with 35 points behind John Chelo and third placed Kenny Jepson. Derek Phillips was runner-up with 36 points and the flight was won by the senior golfer in the field John Pearce with 38 excellent points.

The top flight followed the same pattern with countback relegating Maurice Roberts to fifth with with 37 points, behind Phil Davies and Dave Hewson, finishing third on his return round, again with 37 points. In second place was Bill Copeland with a fine 38 points and the flight winner was New Yorker Bill Steinmann with 39 points on his debut round with the group. Not many golfers take the green jacket on their debut round so well done Bill!

Near pins went to Maurice Roberts (A2), Bill Copeland (A6) and Gordon Nelson (C6). Again the long C3 preserved its modesty with no golfers invading its space. Consolation prizes for the best nines went to Tip Briney on the A nine (21 points) and Chris Barker on the C none (21 points).

Mr Phil thoroughly enjoyed presenting the wig to his friendly rival Adam Barton after carding the lowest score of the day and the "silly hat" to Colm Lawlor on his final round this trip, his final nine holes netting only ten points.

Let nobody say Greenwood is easy from the shorter tees. It certainly isn't but it makes life easier for some on a sultry, windless day and everyone enjoyed the experience immensely.

“Laughing Man” Has Last Laugh

Darren Beavers never seems to be far from the action at Links Golf. If not sporting the “wig”, which he did during a form slump, or the “silly hat”, then he is wearing the Green Jacket. He was certainly “laughing man’ (a reference to a photo last week) after scoring a massive 45-point haul at Plutaluang today to run away with the “B” flight and the Green Jacket. Upon his return to the bar he tried to tell mates he did OK. But then within seconds he blurted out the score. Why wouldn’t you?

Phil Burton put in a great performance to take second spot with a fine 38 points, while Niall Caven showed a return to form with 35 points getting him third place. Phil Mitchell and Bryan Barrell battled it out for fourth at 34 points, with Phil having the better back nine. On another day 41 points would win everything and be the headline, but Takeshi will take the “A” flight win with a big smile. He has been close recently and today kept the rest at bay. Dave Hewson’s 39 points from a handicap of 9 certainly rates a mention and that got him second place and the best gross score of 78. Third and fourth went to the countback with Ray Banks winning that one from Bill Copeland, who is heading back to the USA for a short trip. Colin Service rounded out the podium with a handy 36 points.

Forty-one golfers found a Plutaluang Golf Course in very good condition and some reckoned the greens were true and as fast and treacherous as Pattavia. Darren Beavers thought they were okay as 27 points on the first nine came largely because of his putting where his playing partners agreed that he just could not miss. One of those putting days we all want.

In addition, Darren also picked up a “near pin’ by getting one inside Phil’s very good putt. Other near pins were won by Ray Banks, Iain Jones and Phil Davies settled for one.
Best Front Nine ( North) ( non winners) – Garry Bright…21 pts
Best Back Nine (West) (non-winners) – Adam Barton….21 pts

Once again there were many contenders for the “silly hat”. Takeshi lost his wallet, but Maurice found it for him, and then there was no money in it anyway.  However, Phil decided that the original purpose of the hat, for the lowest score on a nine, was the way to go. After a few fluttering hearts it was Phil Thackery getting the “honour”.
Michael Pallesen played his first game this trip from Denmark and scored low enough to wear the “wig”. Phil did point out the Michael had not been able to play for three months as his home is way too cold for humans.
























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